1-Hour Workshops


The Arduino is a microcontroller; a small computer that has a single function. Microcontrollers run everyday items like toaster ovens, electronic toys and MP3 players. An Arduino can be programmed to monitor sensors and watch for inputs like temperature, pressure, light, voltage or a button or switch. It can also be programmed to control switches, relays, motors and other outputs. Students will build a small home alarm system which consists of an Ultrasonic Sensor, buzzer, button and LEDs. The small home alarm system will detect nearby objects and respond according to their distance. if somethign gets too close, the alarm will sound and you need to push the button to reset the alarm. Open to 7th grade and above.

Raspberry Pi

It uses Raspberry PI hardare and Python language. Raspberry Pi is a small but powerful computer designed to help your child understand and explore the almost-magical world of computing. This workshop will have 2 sections. One introductory level where students will learn about RGB LEDs and how to control them using a Potentiometer. The other section is an Advance level where students will create a push button LED game. Open to 7th grade and above

MIT App Inventor

The Android workshop will let students create an application that will simulate a countdown for new year. Students will learn how to utilize Android Studio interface and experience xml based styling. The workshop will require students to bring a laptop and Android device. Either Mac or Windows PC is OK installed with Android Studio. Pre-requisite experience Students should have basic understanding of Java. Open to 7th grade and above.


The iOS workshop will let students to make an application that allows them to take pictures and create a profile of a person. Students will learn how to utilize iOS interface designer, storyboards, layouts, constraints, how to perform segues, and take pictures and access the photo gallery. The workshop will require students to have a Mac, either a standard Macbook, Macbook air or Macbook pro with Xcode 8+ installed and with Swift 3.0. Students should have some basic understanding of how to program in a language such as Python, C/C++, Java or Swift. Open to 7th grade and above.

Robotics - Sumo Battle

Build a QuickBot using LEGO Mindstorms components and compete in friendly SumoBot scrimmage. Open to 2nd grade and above. Walk-in Welcome. No pre-registration required.